Saturday, January 17, 2009

Start spreading the news!

I'm going to New York City! I'm going to wake up in that city that doesn't sleep, going to find myself king of the hill, top of the heap...

My small town blues are are definitely melting away as I start planning my 4-day pass to the Big Apple. This was a pleasant surprise from the mobilization cell here at Ft. Dix...a four-day pass! We had originally taken it off the schedule since we weren't going to be here that long and we'd just come off of a 2-week holiday break. But it seems we've got some "white space" (Army speak for open time on the calendar) and so we're getting our pass. I was looking forward to spending the time here in the barracks, napping and catching up on reading and writing but then 1SG Martinez said he was going to NYC and so I thought I'd tag along.

We're taking Amtrak to Penn Station from Trenton, NJ and then going off in our own directions. I've got tickets to see the Broadway play Equus...a little dark contemplation prior to deployment! I'm really looking forward to one last fling before I head overseas.

Our MRE wrapped up nicely...our print journalists got stories in the Ft. Dix paper and our broadcast journalists are waiting for a clear day to get their stuff up on DVIDS for marketing. The PAO staff let us keep our equipment at their office so we can go back whenever we want to (refer back to the "white space") to do some more work and get more familiar with our brand-new equipment.

If you've been following the weather lately you know that it's been freakin' cold in the United States and Ft. Dix hasn't escaped that cold snap. It's been hovering around the mid-teens the past few days so most of our Soldiers have been hiding in the barracks and avoiding going outside, even to get meals at the DFAC. We went to the commissary yesterday and I stocked up on pop-tarts so I don't have to get out of bed at 0630 to go and eat breakfast. I keep the Diet Coke on the windowsill so it stays cold. Pop-tarts and Diet Coke...breakfast of champions! This morning someone ventured out and got Dunkin Donuts coffee and donuts so I was happy.

It's a quiet weekend for us (more white space) so here I sit, updating my blog because my dad called me yesterday and told me I was a few days behind... :) Sorry dad, I'll do better about providing updates! I have my iPod on and am listening to the soundtrack to Evita. I know when I start singing out loud...I get evil stares from the other Soldiers sitting in here working on their laptops.

Off to do PT (that's physical training for you non-military types...)

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