Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hotel California

Just like the song says..."you can check out any time you like but you can never leave".
Life in Baghdad is slowly (and I mean very slowly) falling into place. Patience has never really been a virtue of mine but I am learning the fine art of waiting...for someone else to move on.
TOA, or Transfer of Authority, is never an easy time for the incoming or outgoing unit. They have boxes of equipment and gear to move out, we have boxes of equipment and gear to move in. They have missions and tasks to wrap up and we have missions and tasks to begin. They are moving out of their trailers and into transient tents and we are moving out of transient tents into our trailers. With all those moving parts there are the inevitable collisions, despite the (figurately) posting of warning signs here and there.
It helps that overall our mission is slow right now. It helps that 1st Cavalry Division (1st Cav) is new and still figuring out their own battle space and battle rhthym. It will take awhile for all of our parts to fall into place, for all of us to figure out where we are supposed too be, and when, and in what uniform.

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