Saturday, March 28, 2009

1SG Martinez performing the traditional dance of appreciation to the T-Wall fairies. This ensures that the T-Walls stay strong for us and don't fail us when we need them the most.

A row of T-Walls around our CHUs.

Even action figures get a T-Wall!

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roberttexas said...

Hi MAJ Daneker

If you are up typing at 1235 am - dang - you need to be in bed resting to get that hot story tomorrow. :-)

By the way I was a broadcast and print journalist way back in Nam, class of 1973, and had the pleasure of announcing the end of the war on AFN Vietnam as a Spec 5. Hoooah. Now I'm in Houston. You can see what our AFVN home page at
Yes, Dinfos trained killer here class 11-72 from Fort Ben Harrison

I lead a Texas STATE Guard unit now. Here's our unit page - though it has to come down on or about 20 May

Best wishes
Bob Morecook