Friday, July 17, 2009

Random Photographs

One half of my CHU. Duck rug courtesy of B.

The other side of my CHU. Penguin courtesy of Michelle and her son. Fish rug courtesy of Judy. Thanks!

My desk. My own little corner of my own little world. Note my IBA hanging in the left's the new, improved floral version.

Our studio. Note the expensive soundproofing. Yes, those are authentic wool rugs hanging on the walls.

The other side of our studio with the green screen.

The view of Camp Liberty from the roof of our building. The long, white building in the background is the PX.

The friendly 1SG monster who shares my office. He's a little shy, but can be coaxed out with some lemon cookies.

My "Taco Thursday" calendar that 1SG talked about in his post. I've since marked off two more tacos.

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littlereview said...

Finally catching up! Yay penguin -- and boobies -- the ones on your desk, of course!