Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas...

So, since mid-November I've been in a Scroogey mood regarding the holidays. I have always liked to decorate my house every year from Thanksgiving through New Year's with all types of decorations. But this year all my stuff is in storage so I didn't have anything to put around the house. Well, except for the ceramic pumpkin and the 2-foot Christmas tree that I dragged with me from Minnesota.

The day after Thanksgiving was always my favorite day for decorating...dragging the Christmas tree from the living room into the den (because, you know, I never saw a reason to actually take it down in January when I was just going to put it up again in 11 months), putting garland on the fireplace, hanging lights in the bushes outside. Those lights always looked cool when they were covered with snow.

And it's hard to be in the Christmas spirit when it's 85 degrees outside! It's supposed to be cold. And white.

So it was nice a few weeks ago when I had my household goods delivered out of military storage into a private storage unit. I was able to pull out a few boxes of Christmas decorations. And then yesterday we had some snow! Right here in Bryan, Texas! Some flurries in the morning and then clear skies. But around 2 or so it started snowing just a little bit (not "real hard" as 1LT Sarratt stated). By the time we got to the track and started running the stairs for PT it was snowing harder and it was windy.

It was like being in Minnesota again. In April. :)

After PT was over I went driving around for a bit, enjoying the falling snow and the cold weather. Temperatures dropped to the 30s overnight but by about 9 this morning all the snow was gone. The high today is supposed to be around 60.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

We had a team here yesterday going through the finance and supply records that we have to cart to Ft. Dix for mobilization. (The phrase "we're here to help" makes me very nervous.) Today we did some more training, including make-up classes for those who have missed previous classes. Those Soldiers are hard to find when it's time for make-up classes...don't worry...I'll find you!

We've reached the "small stuff" part of mobilization. All the big stuff is done. The files are mostly ready, our equipment is ready for storage, shipment, or turn-in, most of the classes are finished. It's time to add the final details...the things that are going to make us crazy once we get to Ft. Dix.

Oh yeah, these people think THIS weather is cold! Wait until we get to Ft. Dix. New Jersey. In January. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

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