Sunday, December 14, 2008

Who Invented PowerPoint?

And were they properly punished for unleashing such pain and terror on an unsuspecting world? I wonder how our lives would have been affected if no one had invented a method of putting bullet comments on a computer screen, later to be projected onto a larger screen for people to view en masse. Think of all the information we wouldn't know without PowerPoint: statistics; lists of _____ (fill in your own word....I pick vitamins); points of contact; directions for doing just about anything. How could we ever have evolved as a civilized population without PowerPoint and its evil twin, Excel?

But the most amazing thing about PowerPoint is its ability to put people to sleep. Better than any lullaby written by Brahms or drug known to man! I don't know why people spend money on sleeping pills when all they need to do is watch some form of a PowerPoint slide show, preferably one about a topic that has nothing to do with their job or is redundant, duplicate information. It's a treat to stand in front of a group of people and try to educate them on important topics such as nutrition or performing contract negotiations and watching their eyelids slowly close.

It's also a pain that the heat has been turned on in for the winter in our building. That's a good thing except for the fact that it's 80 degrees outside! There's nothing like having the heat on and every window on our floor open, some with fans bringing in cooler air from the outside. My office is a sauna. If I were sitting in a Jacuzzi with a glass of wine that would be nice. But not at work trying to do the last details for mobilization. It's making us cranky.


David M said...

The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the blog post From the Front: 12/16/2008 News and Personal dispatches from the front and the home front.

littlereview said...

No more snow there, then? We might get it here tonight!