Sunday, December 7, 2008


You ever have one of those days you wish would never start? Or would be over with before you got out of bed?

Today was a big day for us...a day most of us have been dreading for a while: IV stick day! Since Thursday our unit has been sitting through a Combat Lifesaver Course to learn fun stuff such as sticking needles in people's chests to relieve built up air, carting people from Point A to Point B in a litter, and applying a tourniquet. I have to admit that these classes have upped my appreciation for anyone who is in the medical field, especially those who routinely find themselves up their elbows in blood.

Today everyone had to start a saline lock and IV. But not on manikins (not my spelling!!). Oh no...we got to impale, er, start an IV in our own unit members. I grabbed Hinojosa and jumped into the first line so I could get it over with before I chickened out. We were second for our group and Hinojosa stuck me first. She did a good job even though she hit the catheter when it was already in my arm. Ouch!!! Not too much blood came out, either. She did a nice job.

When it came for my turn to stick her we decided that I should stick Logue since Hinojosa's veins were nowhere to be found (can't blame them...I'd hide too if I saw me holding a large needle!). At first I was so excited...I had stuck Logue with no blood drops! Turns out I had gone right through the vein. :( Since this was her second stick I had to find a new victim. Thanks Alfaro! I passed...had some blood seepage, but nothing major. I was glad to get that over with.

Later on Johnson needed someone to stick so I offered her my arm. She did a fabulous blood came out at all! She certainly had a nice touch.

After the written test we were all presented our certificates stating we were now certified. Except for Burrell...I made a mistake on his rank when I submitted the roster. When did he make SSG? I could have sworn he was a SGT when I picked him up at the airport a few weeks ago. Sorry SSG Burrell. You'll get your certificate on Monday.


David M said...

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Familia Martinez said...

From what I have heard you all did great! You are a great leader to step in and get stuck again when you didn't have to. Now that is courage! =) Looking forward to seeing what else you guys end up doing before this whole thing is done. -- Angie