Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Did you know that the 211th MPAD is filled with some excellent dancers? Well, that's what I thought anyway after I saw many of them dancing around in line, waiting their turn to get their Christmas present from Uncle Sam...a little white plastic bottle.

We did a required urinalysis today. Always fun!

The funny part is that everyone always starts slamming back water, soda, coffee, or juice once they realize that they are being held captive in a small, stuffy room until they give the required product for testing, no matter how long it takes. The problem is that once you fill the bottle, there's still much much more liquid left inside your body. I had to go to the bathroom again before I even turned in my full bottle. And the need to pee continues throughout the day because basically your eyeballs were floating.

Our training days in Bryan are winding down...tomorrow we start some broadcast journalist training and loading our equipment into our conex for shipping. Friday we finish up those tasks and also have two holiday gatherings: a luncheon at the Reserve Center with all the Center personnel; and a party at the home of one of our former Soldiers. Saturday we have family readiness briefings and then Sunday...we'll find something to do! Monday we do our Physical Fitness Test (push ups, sit ups, and a 2-mile run or 2 1/2 mile walk for the older, broken crowd). Then Tuesday I send all those Soldiers back to their families for the holidays. I didn't think I'd ever say this...but I'm going to miss those guys...even those noisy ones who invaded my office last October and turned my peace and quiet into chaos. I had a whole room to myself once, where I could do work and have privacy. But since October 10 my office has been shared with 4 other people. I'm sure while I'm there over the holiday break I'll be looking around for them, ready for a joke or a lunch break or an impromptu BUB to solve issues or bring up others.

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